Dissipation Myself

by Songs From A Tomb

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Recorded on August 27, 2015 by Ivan Mormo at "Whale Devouring My House Studio"

All music, lyrics, mixed, mastered by Ivan Mormo

Vocals on "Dissipation Myself" by Ivan Mormo
Guest vocals on "The Curse Written In My Scars", "Falseness", "Misanthropy" by Fallen Creator
Guest vocals on "Slow, Monochrome People" by k.sirin
Guest vocals on "Vacuum" by Neka Morgondagen
Spoken word on "The Curse Written In My Scars" by Jane Orpheus

Design by studio "PAINT IT BLACK DESIGN"
Designer: Vovkudlak


released October 3, 2015

Album presented by label "Whales Devouring Hopes Records":
and by label "GV Sound":



all rights reserved


Songs From A Tomb Odessa, Ukraine

Project created in 2009 by Ivan Mormo.

The main idea to transfer inwardness, depressive harmony of soul, boundless presence of experiences, emotions, desires; to create something new, improbable.

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Track Name: The Curse Written In My Scars
My pain is stored in the past, in last sunset of spring,
in beginnings of the fallen times, in the vices of two naive souls.

My longing found peace on the faded fabrics desires, on nurtured curls depleted lianas.

My curse written in my scars, it is carved bitter words and deeds, it is forever my second shadow.

My anger vacuum views aspirations beyond the horizon.

I am choking, tearing locks of silence.
I am sick of no flow of thoughts.
I am dying without even breathing and heartbeat.
I have fallen. I am addicted. I found a void.

You collected for me all drops of warm rain, rays of unrelieved sun, capricious tides all oceans,
all laments falling stars, illusions disappointed flowers, all hope, residues crying earth.

I saved it all as saved you.

I created all again, having laid the foundations of your tears and emptiness, basics of pain and despair.

Saved, created and destroyed.
Track Name: Slow, Monochrome People
The shouts disappearing outside of heart rhythms and absolute silence of sources life.
One whole. Paradoxical.

People accepting black and white tone, rulers comforts.
People die in soulless shells of lie.
People desperately - pale, isolated titans, create worlds equal to the own banal losses.

Forgotten, tired mechanisms illusions of creations.
Only abstract universe.

The eyes of embryo which saw clarity lust of falseness.
Body downtrodden in corner, has taken a grin in hands, made to himself incision in head,
pulling out insignificant device of thinking.
Made himself target for emissions words, deprived of essence on arbitrariness.

Serenity is acceptance of madness.
Eternal searches of exit.
Traces of fingers on walls.
Ennui, pain.
Steps in border of paranoia.

The city of dreams and hopes are insignificant.
Human belief in facts of gray walking are ambitious.

Any action of the living part of nature this falling down.
It is a source, a false birth, an error label evolution.
Only abortion universe.

Creatures with suffering in flesh.
Slow, monochrome people.
Track Name: Falseness
Deny everything. All the falseness.
Destroy everything. All the falseness.
Track Name: Dissipation Myself
I was blind and hungry, eating pieces of juicy bluff from hands feeding.
Digesting own transparency.
Exterminating myself on pieces.

I faded spot of empty absence, splitting blood clot.

I reality is deprived without ambitions.
Rotten word written in grey parchment.
I physical insomnia.

I exist, cutting bow neck, tormenting look of vein.
Choking keys crying.
Disappear in initial form.

I hear breath whale devouring my house, my cube.
I hear talk of electric wires.
I tamed hundreds noises.
I rejected silence.

Wire stuck in body of emptiness, poisons it.
Hypocrisy circling in exulting dance.
Each of us his eternal partner.
We do not have time to breathe.

Is this fatigue significant?
I fully conscious of absurd.
Track Name: Misanthropy
In excess of yourself you pray about feelings.
You pour tears of innocent.

You amenable to correction hatred.
Bowing before the symbol of hypocrisy.

You scum outcasts, wanderer womb rotten worm.
You an instant sight of the crowd.

Humiliated creature.

Your spirit is broken down, forced to be a slave among the gray colors of pride.

Find in itself light, deliver him from dead shackles.
His freedom it is your consolation.

Society has fallen and you burn out on his faded torch.
Track Name: Vacuum
We stand on our knees. Embraced by distress.

The blind worlds are still.
Their scarlet blood will sing the funeral dirge to the chains on our necks.

The gluttony is born.

The tons of irritation is our essence.
The essence of irritation is the content of vacuity.
The vacuity has no essence.

Apathy is the tendency of emptiness.

The funeral bells for the desperate.

The quite steps into the abyss.
The poison arrived.
It's time to say goodbye.